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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Amoha O Fetise - Neville Gabie

Neville Gabie, Amoha O Fetise, 1998, screenprint on paper, 380 x 260 mm, Tate.

Part of a wider project in which South African artist Gabie photographed makeshift goalposts across the world, admirably describing them as examples of 'dirty minimalism'.  This screenprint, in which the standard football pitch layout is distorted, connects well with that concept of a blueprint being imperfectly followed, potentially by nearly anyone in any place.  Well, maybe not Lou Ferrigno in a tiny lift, but you get the idea.
   There's a quote from Shakespeare at the bottom that I could live without, as that sort of thing makes me feel like the artist is asking for a pat on the head for having done reading.  No need to show your working out, artists!

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