Staring at art from the Tate's collection and thinking about it

Monday, 23 June 2014

...and Chewing Gum - Pierre Ayot

Pierre Ayot, ...and Chewing Gum, 1971, lithograph on paper, 705 x 483 mm, Tate.

Intriguing slab of Canadian pop art lithography.  The image of the chewing gum dispenser in the top half of the image gives figurative meaning to the bottom, which otherwise would be a Larry Poons-style abstraction.  The chewing gum balls tumble out merrily, and there's a tension between reading them as that and simply as circles of colour.  Maybe not achieving Warhol-levels of ambiguity and cultural resonance, but a great piece of graphic-work, crying out to be turned into a book cover.